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ASTM F 2412­05­Modified
Test Results

ASTM is the new industry standard of testing. It replaces ANSI Z41 PT91 standard for testing.

"This specification covers the minimum requirements for the design, performance, and classification of footwear designed to provide protection against work place hazards. This new ASTM standard will replace the current ANSI Z-41 Standard for Personal Protective Footwear which has been the foundation for worker safety as it relates to performance safety footwear as required under OSHA guidelines." (Date Initiated: 03-19-2004)
  • February 2006: Original testing of PVC Material. (Documented as "rubber overshoe material" on test report)
  • December 2006: Retesting of new PVC Material to clearly indicate switch to PVC in test report.



*WK4519, “New Specification for Personal Protective Footwear,” ASTM International. For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website, www.astm.org, or contact ASTM Customer Service at service@astm.org. For Annual Book of ASTM Standards volume information, refer to the standard's Document Summary page on the ASTM website.

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