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Chemical Resistance Chart: PVC


  • E — Excellent
  • G — Good
  • F — Fair
  • P — Poor



Acetic Acid G
Acetone P
Acrylonitrile G
Ammonia Anhydrous G
Ammonium Hydroxlde G
Ammonium Sulfate G
Amyl Acetate G
Amyl Alcohol (Fusel 0il) E
Animal Fats G
Aniline G
Battery Acid G
Benzaldehyde F
Benzene (Benzol) P
Benzol (Benzene) P
Benzyl Alcohol E
Benzyl Chloride F
Butane F
Butter G
Buttermilk E
Butyraldehyde F
Butyl Acetate G
Butyl Alcohol G
Calcium Chloride G
Calcium Hypochlorite G
Carbolic Acid E
Carbon Disulfide G
Carbon Tetrachloride F
Carbonic Acid G
Castor Oil G
Caustic Potash G
Caustic Soda G
Chlorine Water G
Chloroacetone P
Chloroform F
Chlorothene F
Chlorox E
Citric Acid E
Coal Tar Solvents F
Coconut Oil G
Copper Chloride G
Copper Sulfate G
Cottonseed Oil G
Cutting Oil F
Cyclohexane P
Cycohexanone P
Diacetone Alcohol G
Dibenzyl Ether G
Dibutyl Phthalate G
Dictylphthalate F
Diesel Fuel G
Diethanolamine G
Diisobutylene P
Ethyl Acetate F
Ethyl Alcohol E
Ethylene Glycol G
Ethyl Ether P
Ethyl Formate F
Ferric Chloride G
Formaldehyde G
Formic Acid E
Furfural G
Fusel Oil (Amyl Alcohol) E

Gasoline (Cracked)


Download a PDF of the Wilkuro Chemical
Resistance Chart, which includes a chemical by
chemical comparison of Rubber versus PVC.
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Gasoline (SR) F
Glycerine G
Grease (All Kinds) G
Hexane F
Hydraulic Fluids (Petroleum Base) F
Hydraulic Fluids (Phosphate Ester) P
Hydraulic Fluids (Silicate Ester) G
Hydraulic Fluids (Water Glycol) G
Hydrobromic Acid G
Hydrochloric Acid G
Hydrofluoric Acid G
Hydrofluoric Acid (Hot) G
Hydrogen Peroxide E
Hydrogen Sulfide G
Hylene F
Isoprophyl Alcohol G
Kerosene (Coal Tar) F
Kerosene (Pet.) F
Lactic Acid E
Lard Oil G
Linseed Oil G
Malic Acid E
Methyl Acetate F
Methyl Alcohol E
Methyl Cellosolve G
Methyl Chloride F
Methyl Ethyl Ketone P
Milk E
Mineral Oil G
Monoethanolamlne G
Morpholine G
Naphta F
Nitric Acid G
Nitrobenzene P
Octyl Alcohol E
Oleic Acid E
Olive Oil G
Paint Remover F
Perchlorethylene P
Perchloric Acid G
Petroleum Oils G
Petroleum Solvent F
Phosphoric Acid 20% G
Pine Oil G
Potassium Dichromate G
Potassium Hydroxide G
Potassium Permaganate F
Propane G
Propyl Acetate F
Propyl Alcohol E
Silicone Oil 220 G
Skydrol #500 P
Soaps G
Sodium Chloride G
Sodium Hydroxide G
Stearic Acid E
Sulfuric Acid G
Tannic Acid E
Tide G
Tin Chloride G
Toluene P
Toluol P
Trichlorethylene F
Tricresol Phosphate G
Trlethanolamlne G
Trinltrotoluene G
Trinitrotolual (TNT) G
Tung Oil G
Turpentine G
Water E
Xylol P
The Chemical Resistance Chart is provided as a guide for qualified professionals who recommend, select, specify, or otherwise determine the suitability of products for worker safety. As such, the Chemical Resistance Chart is advisory only. The suitability of a product for a specific application must be determined and tested by the purchaser Wilkuro Safety Toes Inc, assumes no responsibility for the suitability of an end user's selection for a specific application.

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